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Agentschap van natuur-en bos

Nature and Forest of the Flemish government cherishes, protects and develops more than 90,000 hectares of nature reserves, forests and parks in Flanders. 

Valuable nature projects? Natuur en Bos is happy to support this, with financial support and expertise. From planting your own forest, to initiatives that aim for a higher quality of nature, to connecting projects for accessible nature in your neighbourhood. 

Under the motto 'more, better and together', Natuur en Bos creates greater support for nature with various partners. From top European nature in untrodden places to modest natural gems right at your front door: there is always something to do in the more than 300 nature reserves of Natuur en Bos. 

Have fun on multimove trails and nature walks, romp in the play zones, feel zen in the nature oases or spot unique animals from the viewing platforms. Welcome to Flemish nature!


Different universities

As a university, we want to deploy people and knowledge to tackle major societal challenges - together with others. We measure our success in this by the continuous growth of the impact and reputation of our university and of our region. Therefore we will:

to impart knowledge, social insights and skills to our students - in order to make them critical, committed global citizens and agile, versatile graduates who are always able to adapt to an ever-changing social context;

collaborate with other knowledge centres, governments, companies and societal actors - to build knowledge around local, regional and global challenges and to develop new ideas and solutions.

breaking down walls between research disciplines - in order to allow scientists to optimally collaborate on new answers to increasingly complex problems;

deploy our national and international education and research networks - to increasingly send students and academics out into the world and to bring them to the region.

In this way, the university becomes a place where the region finds the world and the world finds the region.


International Research

The Max Planck Society conducts basic research in the natural sciences, life sciences, and humanities. Since its foundation in 1948, 20 Nobel laureates have emerged from its ranks. The Max Planck Society with its 86 Max Planck Institutes and facilities is the international flagship for German science: in addition to five foreign institutions, it operates another 20 Max Planck Centers with research institutions such as the Princeton University in the USA, the Paris University Science Po in France, the University College London in UK, and the University of Tokyo in Japan. Equally funded by federal and state governments, the Max Planck Society had an annual budget of 1.9 billion Euros in 2019. 


Village of the bird

With Bosland in the backyard, Hechtel-Eksel can call itself the greenest municipality in Flanders. We are known for unique experiences: cycling through the trees and play forests in the Pijnven, beautiful walks and an interesting Teuten and war history.

The spectacular Sanicole Airshow and BoslandTrail also take place in Hechtel-Eksel, cozy in the green. After a day of exploring, there is nothing more wonderful than relaxing on one of our cozy terraces.

In addition to a nice range of leisure activities, we also have a rich club life. Our central location in North Limburg also provides great growth potential in the field of mobility and entrepreneurship. In short: the municipality of Hechtel-Eksel has all the assets to spoil both its residents and visitors



Biggest Woodland-area of Flanders

Bosland is the largest adventure forest in Flanders where children are the boss. Parents are also welcome, but only if they are well behaved.

This gigantic nature core - located in the municipalities of Hechtel-Eksel, Pelt and the cities of Lommel and Peer - is located in the heart of North Limburg and consists of 12 sub-areas. The Bosland Project is a collaboration between four municipal authorities, the Agency for Nature and Forests, the Low Kempen Regional Landscape and Limburg Tourism.

The aim is to preserve and further develop the beautiful and high-quality Bosland nature, but also to open it up to the general public where possible. Sustainable development is paramount: Bosland creates dynamics from the green!

The biggest adventure forest

The most child-friendly forest in word and deed Bosland wants to reach children and does so by approaching them personally. That is why people in Bosland don't talk about 'trips with the kids'. No, in Bosland children go on an Expedition and set off with a Bengel card that is almost unreadable for adults. During the treasure hunt, they rest in a special Bosland hammock!

Because a lot of experience products have been developed for the little ones: exciting treasure hunts and geocaches, adventurous play areas, ... to name a few. In addition, there is a huge range of quality routes for walkers, cyclists, mountain bikers and horse riders.

Hosts help you on your way

Looking for a nice suggestion or a question about Bosland? Then you can always contact the Bosland Hosts and guides. The Hosts are entrepreneurs who have earned this title after a very difficult test. You will find practical information such as route maps, but you can also visit them for a do-it-yourself tip. The guides are our smart people who can tell you everything about the fauna and flora, regional products and Bosland arrangements!