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Municipality Hechtel-Eksel

Agency Nature and Forest

Flemish government

The Flemish government's Nature and Forest Agency cherishes, protects and develops more than 90,000 hectares of nature reserves, forests and parks in Flanders. Valuable nature projects? Nature and Forest likes to work with together, with financial support and craftsmanship. Under the slogan 'more, better and together', Nature and Forest creates a greater support for nature with various partners. Agency for Nature and Forest gives us access to their terrains and gives us material support for the research.





Universities deploy people and knowledge to - together with others - tackle major societal challenges. The success of this can be measured by the continuous growth of the impact and reputation of the university and of the region. In this way the university becomes a place where the region finds the world and the world finds the region.

Institute Max-Planck

International Research

The Max Planck Society conducts basic research in the natural sciences, life sciences, and humanities. Since its foundation in 1948, 20 Nobel laureates have emerged from its ranks. The Max Planck Society with its 86 Max Planck Institutes and facilities is the international flagship for German science: in addition to five foreign institutions, it operates another 20 Max Planck Centers with research institutions such as the Princeton University in the USA, the Paris University Science Po in France, the University College London in UK, and the University of Tokyo in Japan. Equally funded by federal and state governments, the Max Planck Society had an annual budget of 1.9 billion Euros in 2019. 



With Bosland in the backyard, Hechtel-Eksel can call itself the greenest municipality in Flanders.And with the nightjar, Hechtel-Eksel adopts a real mascot for the typical landscape of the municipality. The numerous dry and sandy inland dunes and open areas of heathland in the extensive forests in the municipality are the ideal habitat for this species. Hechtel-Eksel is therefore home to one of the largest populations of nightjar, which has become extremely rare elsewhere in Flanders.



Biggest Woodland-area of Flanders


 Platform nature and science

This gigantic nature core - located in the municipalities of Hechtel-Eksel, Pelt and the cities of Lommel and Peer - is located in the heart of North Limburg and consists of 12 sub-areas. The Bosland Project is a collaboration between four municipal authorities, the Agency for Nature and Forests, the Regionaal Landschap Lage Kempen and Limburg Tourism. The aim is to preserve and further develop the beautiful and high-quality Bosland nature, but also to open it up to the general public where possible. Sustainable development is paramount: Bosland creates dynamics from the green!

BosLAB unites everything that lives within Bosland around nature and science. Everything about nature types and richness, about research and about nature projects in Bosland is collected on this platform.