Studies and projects

Expedition Congo


Now we know where our nightjars spend the winter, the logical next trip was Congo. The necessary contacts were made and for 10 days we tried to reach the area where our transmitter friends stayed. But the political situation over there did not allow it. Nevertheless, it was an impressive journey. Check it out here.

Expedition 'Solala'


An adventurous expedition in 2015 brought our team to Ethiopia. Nechisar National Park was the location for 4 weeks. We went in search of a nightjar that no one had seen before. A unique wing (sol - ala) was the origin of this special exploration. Read all about it here

Expedition Chotacabras in Spain Facinas


From the first transmitters, in that time radio tags, placed on our nightjars, a signal was received in september 2012 by Arkaduisz Broniarek-Zieba. The migration to the south was in full swing. We could not ignore this signal and so we travelled to Facinas in Andalucia. An impression of this trip can be found here and here

International Euroasian Ornithologic Congress


We are proud to take our first steps in the ornithological world. A poster and a presentation enrich the visitor's knowledge of the nightjar. An impression via our facebook can be found here

Nelle the Nightjar travelling


An educational project for children was developed. The story of the nightjar is told through colorful and instructive signs. At the same time, children also carry out management work and then go in search of Nelle the Nightjar. In this way we hope to make children interested in nature, nature research and nature management.