End of season means processing data: how much, who, where, when, why,... data helps us to understand the needs of the nightjar and the conclusion in turn leads to a better policy to keep the nightjar satisfied here.

Last night was our last night to go on site and do some research. The nightjars have had a tough summer: often cold and wet. Not ideal conditions for breeding... So they pack their bags early to travel south.

Whoever seeks will find... and come across a comic strip by our feathered friends! Steve Smallman gives the nightjar a leading role in a beautiful and colorfully illustrated story for all children among us (and ourselves offcourse) Readingmaterial for winter evenings.

This summer, our Eddy was a weekly guest in the Treehouse of Radio 1. Presenter Annemie Peeters welcomed a well-known Belgian every week overthere. Minister of Environment Zuhal Demir was the last guest to close the Treehouse. Missed the broadcasts? Listen to them here

On this platform you will find everything about nature types and species richness, about research and about nature projects in Bosland. A side project of ours is once again in the spotlight: research into the food supply for our nightjars. Read and learn all about it here

The new bird magazine FWIET has visited our nightjars in the research area in Hechtel-Eksel. FWIET was impressed. You can read all about it in the next edition, which will be released in november. This can be ordered here